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How to Achieve Easily Safety Tips at the Online Orange County Jail & Strategy

Orange County Jail provides information about the Orange County Jail system. Orange County’s criminal justice system is neither our representative nor are we affiliated with it. We aim to give resources and information to inmates as well as to their families and friends. You can also locate an inmate

We are not here to condemn you. We understand that there are times when things happen beyond your control. Good people can make mistakes. If you are the family or friend of a potential prisoner, or you are considering becoming a prisoner, this is a very stressful time. We want to make your life a little bit easier. Our sincere hope is that the information found on oc jail Info will help eliminate some confusion about what to expect and how to proceed.

Jail is not prison. You can make jail a positive experience if you choose to. After their release, many former inmates use their jail experience as a wake-up call and make positive changes in their lives. Stay strong and focus on surviving this experience. Look forward to the day that this is all behind you.

Please take a look around to see what’s in store for you at the Orange County Jail. While everyone’s experience of jail will be different, it is important to understand that there is a distinct learning curve for going from freedom to incarceration. It is important to gain as much knowledge about the jail system as possible. This will make the transition easier. By being well-informed about the Orange County prison system, you will have an advantage.

Understanding the basics will allow you to avoid the confusion that is often associated with the day-to-day experience of a prisoner. For example, you will know when visitors are permitted and what can be purchased at the commissary. By removing mental obstacles, you will find it easier to cope and focus on your situation.

Visit the Orange County Jail website to check out their visiting hours. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s site has information about visiting hours. Bring proper identification. To visit an inmate, you will need a valid photo ID issued by the government, such as a passport or driver’s license. Dress appropriately. Orange County Jail visitors must adhere to a strict dress code. Avoid wearing clothing with offensive imagery or language.

Bring prohibited items home: Items like alcohol, weapons and drugs are not allowed in the jail. If you are visiting the jail for the first time, you will receive instructions on how to behave. The rules could include no physical contact, no discussing the case of an inmate and no use of a mobile phone. It can take a long time to visit an inmate. You may need to wait in line for the jail to open and then wait until your visitation begins.

Be respectful. Remember that this is a time of difficulty for the person you’re visiting. Respect the inmate, staff at the jail, and any other visitors. The county jail, where I was imprisoned, allowed you to leave the prison at midnight if someone came to pick you up. In a small city in the south, there was no overnight bus service. The sheriff also didn’t want people walking around at night.

Otherwise, you will need to wait for the morning shift. Inmates were expected to leave the dayroom at 11  p.m. to go to their cells. However, if you had a release date the next day, then it was okay to stay, as long as the TV was off. The longest hour in my life was probably that one. I recall a paperback of Louis L’Amour, soiled and tattered, on a utility table.

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